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Photo of Bettina GoeringBettina Goering was born in 1956 in Germany. Her parents met after her father returned from a Russian POW camp in 1952. Bettina’s father was the nephew of Hermann Goering and she grew up in a volatile family environment. Realizing that her parents were incapable of talking about their past and the guilt surrounding it, Bettina left home at the age of 13 to fend for herself and deal with her heritage her own way.

It was the wild sixties and Bettina became a hippy, then a communist and then at the age of 16 after realizing that both did not satisfy her longings, she turned to the spiritual path. At the age of 30 Bettina started to pursue her career in the healing arts, becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Bettina lives with her husband Adi in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

About Bloodlines:

“I feel freer of the past, my meetings with Ruth were really rough going. Making the documentary at the same time added another dimension which in the end really helped get me through my meetings.”

Bettina Goering, 2008

Photo of Ruth RichRuth Rich was born in Germany in 1947 to Polish parents who miraculously survived the concentration camps. Her brother, Heinish and her grandparents were not so fortunate. This start to life impacted heavily on Ruth who now lives in Bangalow in Northern NSW. Ruth is a respected artist who runs the successful “Byron Bay Art School”. Ruth’s art career started out in 1963 at Prahan Technical College, Melbourne with a Certificate of Art, she then went on to study sculpture at RMIT.

Ruth paints using rich, textual sensuality & vibrant colour and interpreting her life experiences from travelling many years in exotic places throughout Asia, Europe & America. She draws inspiration through her love & passionate devotion to seeking truth and has developed her own contemporary style, evoking a sense of freedom, urgency and space. Ruth has been invited to exhibit at a number of venues across the Northern Rivers including the Lismore Art Gallery and the Dendy Theatre in Byron Bay.

About Bloodlines:

“From the onset I wanted this remarkable opportunity to work through the emotional and historical burden Bettina and I both faced, that blinded us to see or enjoy each other as real people.  Every day I fully threw myself into the meetings, not knowing how, or when, or where, these meetings would lead us. In the end it was a fire that cleansed both of us. We faced our most horrible burdensome pasts and we found peace with each other and our inheritance. This peace is the thread of friendship we will never forget and hopefully continue to pass on personally though 'Bloodlines’ to others.”

Ruth Rich, 2008

Redemption Through Darkness - Ruth Rich's online exhibition

Photo of Bettina in General's hat Photo of Ruth at Ballina Airport
Bettina: "He calls me the General." Ruth: "This is her..."


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