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Writer/Producer/Director: Cynthia Connop

Photo of Cynthia ConnopCynthia Connop has over 20 years experience in the film and television industry as a writer, producer and director. Her feature documentary ‘Sacred Sex’ (ABC/Channel4/Miramax) achieved a highly successful theatrical, television and video release worldwide. Other credits include producer/director ‘Rajneesh: Spiritual Terrorist!’ (Dendy Award finalist/ABC TV/Learning Channel).  The provocative and inspiring documentary ‘Bloodlines’ is her latest film in a series of documentaries exploring human relationships.  Cynthia teaches documentary filmmaking and is the Chairperson of the board of the regional film organisation, Screenworks.

Co-producer:  Mitzi Goldman

Mitzi Goldman has been working in the film industry for 20 years as a writer, director, producer and editor. Goldman's documentaries have all dealt with issues of personal history and cultural heritage. Her screen credits include 'Hatred' (1996;ATOM award for Best Documentary). All of Mitzi's films have screened in festivals and are in distribution locally and internationally.

Cinematographer: Annie Benzie

Annie Benzie has a wealth of experience working as a cinematographer in different streams of the industry. Annie completed the cinematography extension course at AFTRS in 1994 and has shot many short films, documentaries, news, current affairs and corporates including the award winning short film Soar. In 2007 Annie worked as second camera DOP on the ABC TV drama series East of Everything.

Editor/Associate Producer: Richard Mordaunt

Richard Mordaunt is one of Australia’s most experienced documentary filmmakers with over 30 years of producing feature documentaries in Australia and the UK. He has directed award winning documentaries including House of the Rising Sun, Voices and Ireland Behind the Wire. Since moving to Australia in 1980, he has made Stepping Out, Born in Soweto, Brushes with Fame, and a series of art documentaries. His most recent films are Janet Laurence-The Life World and The Dolphin People.

Photo of Ruth's parents Photo of Bettina's father and grandmother
Ruth's parents: "Two among millions." Bettina's father and grandmother: "He was tortured for the name."


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