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Photo of Ruth at Ballina Airport
Photo of Milka and Josh with Ruth
Photo of Bettina in Santa Fe
Ruth at Ballina Airport waiting for Bettina to arrive
Ruth and her son Josh visit Milka, a family friend
Bettina in Santa Fe
Photo of Bettina close-up 2
Photo of Ruth holding photo of Goering
Photo of Bettina
Bettina listens to Ruth
Ruth shows Bettina a photo of Hermann Goering
Bettina feels the pain
Photo of Ruth painting
Photo of Bettina with General's hat
Photo of Bettina in hat
Ruth painting
Bettina in her 'general's hat'
Bettina in her 'general's hat'
Photo of Ruth at meeting
Photo of Bettina and Ruth painting
Bettina offers her hand to Ruth
Ruth smiles at Bettina
Ruth invites Bettina to paint the feelings
Photo of World Peace Flame Cermony
Photo of Bettina close-up
Photo of Bettina and Ruth holding hands
The World Peace Flame Ceremony
Ruth and Bettina
Bettina at desk
Bettina at home
Bettina at desk
Bettina at home


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